Today children grow up with new technologies around them at all times. Therefore, the Internet and this whole world is part of her life and is common. That is why for them, connecting to the network and being able to access a lot of information in less than a minute is completely normal.

A fact that, for other people, especially for generations over fifty, is somewhat less common. That is, for this more advanced age group it represents a very abrupt change when it comes to communicating, dealing with the Internet …


Therefore, while some try to adapt to new technologies and how they work, others are born with them and are handled with total ease. It seems incredible, but it’s true. In just a few years, society has gone from consuming the media over the radio as the only transmission channel to being able to access information in a single second.

Technology in schools

As we have already mentioned, the youngest have lived with technology from minute one of their lives. Therefore, this factor can also be observed in colleges and schools. Today electronic devices are used to study, to carry out class assignments and to learn. Gone are the paper and physical books.

Therefore, it is very important to educate very well in relation to new technologies. Its many advantages and its many drawbacks must be made clear. Well, they are very powerful tools that offer a lot of possibilities. Of course, as long as they know how to use them properly.

Well, using technology in a negative way has serious consequences. The studies not only try to promote the use of technology to study, but also education when using it.

Advantages of using tablets at school

In many colleges, schools and institutes tablets are used to consult the textbooks of each subject. Therefore, this technological device has become indispensable for young people who study.

What are its advantages? On the one hand, they help reduce tree felling. On the other hand, this format is much lighter to transport and much more comfortable. In this way, back pain in children caused by carrying heavy backpacks is avoided.

This type of education also opens the door to new possibilities. It helps to supplement knowledge and to give new points of view. In turn, it is much easier for the teacher to perform interactive tasks at the moment.

For this, it is advisable to buy quality tablets that allow students to do their homework with ease. Technology can cause problems when it is not very good. Therefore, it is interesting to compare different tablets to choose well as in the comparator

Disadvantages of using a Tablet to study

Just as using technology in schools has benefits, it also has drawbacks.

Well, using this type of education does not favor the practice of writing and the use of screens is encouraged. This is limiting the ability to develop higher quality calligraphy and writing.

As for visual health, it also affects constantly looking at screens. This can lead to serious myopia problems. In terms of health, they can also encourage addiction to new technologies or reduce the attention of students.

Differences of studying on paper or with a Tablet

The great difference of studying with paper books or digital books is having the product in physical form or not. Well, one way you have the book physically, and the other way you have it on the Tablet digitally.

Another notable difference is the ability to write and scribble the books or notes. This may depend on the preferences of each person when studying. But before you could underline the books much easier.

It is true that there are programs that also allow you to perform these actions on physical books. But for those who come from the traditional, they confirm that it is not the same. And it becomes strange not being able to write the annotations directly in the book.

There are many other notable differences, but this depends on each person’s way of studying and personal tastes.

New technologies for students

While it is true, the transition from traditional to new is complicated. Both students and teachers have to get used to using this type of device. But once you know how to use and adapt, it is a very useful option to learn more and more.

In a world where technological and even medical advances are increasing, it is necessary to move forward. Therefore, perhaps one of the options is to incorporate new technologies in any learning phase.

Therefore, including tablets in education is a good option if you know how to work. It is important to educate children from a very young age, instilling the proper use of these types of tools. And avoid addictions or misuse of this type of technological article.


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