Have you wondered how online casinos, like https://greatcasinos.de/online-casino-tests/, earn money, even after giving out jackpots worth thousands and even millions? Most of us initially thought that they scam unaware customers to generate revenue. However, you will be glad to know that this claim is completely a hoax.

Thanks to modern technological advancements, online casinos have virtually no way to mess with the game results, which makes most gambling sites trustworthy.


But the question remains – if people keep winning, how do online casinos generate revenue?

Customers losing money

  1. Free cash

You may have noticed that casino sites will offer you some free cash. When you sign up for the first time, you will be provided with some bonus or free cash. This has proven to be quite an effective strategy to attract new players.

The basic idea is to allow you to win some prizes with the free cash on games like slot machines. Once you get hooked on to the game, you will use the deposited amount to make up for your losses, and eventually, deposit more once that source gets exhausted as well.

  1. Introduction of new games

It is not uncommon for online gambling sites to give a first look at new titles to their customers. The game links are sent via the email address you have provided during the sign-up process. Once you receive the link, you will be able to play these games without paying. Players start getting hooked to these new gambling games and will spend money to keep playing. Additionally, some gambling sites may even provide bonuses to keep them coming back.

  1. Addiction to gambling

There is no denying the gambling is addictive. This addiction only grows when the player wins some sort of prize or reward. While some people get addicted to gambling because of the thrill of earning money, others get hooked to these games simply because they are bored.

Commissions and house edge

The points mentioned above are all from the perspective of the customer. Now, we shall dig deeper into how casinos run to earn their revenue:

  1. Commissions

Commissions are a fraction of the opening bets for each game. Commissions are mostly seen in games like poker. While most casinos utilize the percentage system, there are others where you have to pay a fixed rate to play.

  1. House edge

Yes, online casinos promote fair play in all their games, which means that the results cannot be stage-managed. However, there are still some ways that allow casinos to earn revenue – one of them is called the house edge. To put it in simple terms, the house edge is a formula used by gambling platforms to earn profits. When you play any casino game, you will lose a small percentage of your money, normally up to 5%.

Final thoughts

If you have been looking for answers on how casinos earn revenue, we think the information we have provided here should suffice. If you wish to get into the ludicrous world of the online casino business, these ways will assure that you always have cash flowing into your platform.



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